Here you will find various material about the project “The Children of Abraham”, which can be used by, among other things, the press, teachers or the general curious.

Gallery - graphic material

Here you will find both pictures and posters from exhibitions from the Abrahams Children project.

Over the years, The Children of Abraham have been exhibited in many places, both in Denmark and outside the country.

Links, articles and press

Here you will find an overview of articles. press as well as other media coverage of The children of Abraham project

Quiz on Quotes

Quiz on Quotes is a quiz where you have the opportunity to test your religious knowledge. Guess which religion the quote comes from and see how many quotes you guess right

For many, it will be surprisingly difficult to guess where the religious quotes and writings come from. The quiz clearly shows what positive and negative prejudices we have towards the religions.

Try the quiz and see how many you can guess right


All the quotes are presented online. They can be divided into topics and the quotes can easily be searched at the cross of the various religious writings.

  • 600 quotes are presented.
  • Online freely available.
  • Links to the scripture. - Below each quote you can follow a link to the text the quote was taken from.


The screensaver switches between the 600 quotes, just like the sculpture. The screensaver is freely downloadable and installed.

The screensaver is a kind of staging of the mood of the Fundamentalism sculpture. The almost meditative screen-recitation of quotes is very enlightening, but also very scary when the dark quotes show up in great contrast to the bright ones. There is a quiet and sustained reflection on the religious quotes as they are continuously displayed on one's computer.

Concept and documents

Here you will find information about the fundamentalism sculpture, records, as well as some sources of inspiration which have been the foundation for the creation of the sculpture.

You will also be able to find info on the creation of the sculpture and much more.